Saturday, March 26, 2016


The VL70m editor software can be downloaded via my new website. Please click the blue button.


 Click to visit the official VL-Wizard website

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I worked hard to set-up a dedicated Website, Forum and Ticking and payment system. The goal is to continuously improve the contents and quality of these sites. I did test everything and all should work, but typically there might be some startup problems. If this happens then please raise a ticket and be patient, I will try to respond within reasonable times.

The new home of the VL-Wizard is . The purpose of this site is to promote the VL-Wizard, download demo’s, purchase license, get access to tutorials.

The VL-Wizard forum is located on . The purpose of this site is to provide an open forum for all VL-users that use the VL-Wizard…the main focus is on VL-sounddesign, usage of VL-Wizard.

The VL-Wizard helpdesk is located on . The purpose of this site is to centralise and organize my official response on frequent questions related to the VL-Wizard. It does contain a FAQ's

Conclusion: This blog will sooner or later disappear.

How to download the VL-Wizard version 5.0.4a?

Click on this link You will need to complete the DEMO request form. A mail will be send to you with instructions.

VL-users who have already an unlock key can use it to unlock the demo version. Please contact me in case you have an old Beta2 key that you want to convert.

Patchman users will be happy to hear that this version allows them to DUMPOUT the INTERNAL voice and use the VL-Wizard to edit and store the front panel parameters.

About helping me to keep the VL-Wizard a-live.

- spread the news and redirect people to the VL-Wizard website —> please do not further distribute my e-mail as because I want to avoid that my inbox goes in overrun.- register yourself on the VL-Wizard Forum and Ticketing/FAQ site.

- if you like the VLwiz, then let me know, I would like to publish some great comments of happy users on the VL-Wizard website- maybe you want to become a Moderator for the VL-Wizard forum..if so, then let me know and tell me why you would be a good moderator

- maybe you want to become a VL-Wizard support agent…if so, then you will become my best friend ;-)- maybe you want to become a VL-Wizard marketeer….o boy, please do so and make some cool Youtubes

- maybe you want to become a VL-Wizard coach, teacher and make some tutorials on how to use the Youtube/Vimeo tutorials on how to use the VL-Wizard….wow, fantastic,please do so…

- maybe you can translate from English to Japanese….please please please, let me know because I have so many people in Japan who would love to use the VL-Wizard….

What is next?

I hope to have a smooth go-live and that you all use the Helpdesk system to report issues, suggestions etc… please always check the FAQ before issuing a ticket. Your tickets are not visible to others.I will probably have to handle some bugs and issues…once this is under control I will introduce a wishlist for the PREMIUM users where they can vote on new features for the future upgrades.Based on the typical questions I get I will workout some How-To video tutorials. Additional to this I will wake-up my connections at Yamaha R&D.

and this is my first attempt to make a video tutorial on general introduction of the VL-Wizard

Enjoy and keep well…