Monday, February 29, 2016

VL-Wizard will be released in April

Yes, it is finally happening, the VL-Wizard is ready to "blow a new wind" through your VL70m / PLGVL. 

From now on you can subscribe for the commercial release planned to get out early April. Simply drop me an e-mail using the contact widget on this blog and put the discount code VLWIZAPRIL in the message. Feel free to share this news on other websites, social media etc.


- People that subscribed to my mailing during the project got a pre-release and could buy an unlock key via paypal donation. This offer is finished now.

- People subscribing between now and april with the discount code will get a price reduction on the upcoming commercial release.

- People that subscribe after the april release will not benefit a discount and pay the full price.

- The version that will be released in April is a FULL version.. 


Hereby also a screenshot of the new VLwiz control center


  1. You keep mentioning the getting a discount off the full purchase price.
    So what will be price of the software?

    1. The final price of the software is not set yet. Depends a lot on the amount of pre-subscriptions. It will be a fair price between 45 and 175 Euro, using 3 formulas;

      1 Demo: free version with limitations (see feature list in my blog)

      2 Basic: You buy the unlock key without upgrade possibility. Meaning, you get support at best effort, but no guaranteed response. Will need to purchase a new license when major upgrade comes out.

      3 Premium: You buy the unlock key with upgrade possibility. Meaning, you get priority on support. Have more weight on new feature requests. Receives major upgrades without extra charge, this as long as I can support this software.

      Important: this is all preliminary information and subject to change.

  2. Will the final version work with the VL1-M V2? Some great sounds in the demo!

  3. Sorry, the answer is no. The reason for this is following
    sysex adresses of both synths are different
    VL1 as 2 element voices while VL70m/PLGVL has 1 element
    Although VL1 and VL70m share more or less the same architecture there are differences, features the VL1 has and the VL70m not and vice version.

    I do own a VL1 so I might consider to build sooner or later an editor for it. But now I just launched the editor for the VL70m and this requires all my attention.

    I'm considering to start a topic on the where I would collect the "wishes" of VL1 owners.