Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Given my other duties it is difficult to make a statement when the VL-Wizard will be fully released, but I start seeing the end of the tunnel now. Also more and more people start encouraging me to go to the finish of this marathon. I really appreciate this.....

Below you find the screenshots (subject to changes) of the new Beta 2, currently under evaluation by a limited testing team. Their feedback is valued a lot and will be used to finalise the VL-Wizard and make it commercially available. 

Golden Principles
I'm from the principle that it is better to take the time and do it right. Developing the Wizard I've kept in mind following;
- guidelines at your fingertips
- hear immediately the impact of your sound design
- remove as much as possible technical barriers
- all-in-one
- visualise as much as possible the VL-architecture
- make it visually attractive 
- make VL-sound design fun and a re-discovery 

My hopes
- releasing such editor stimulates you again to build and share VL-Voices
- show Yamaha that there is still a hard-core VL-community
- and ofcourse get some financial return on this so I can buy more VL hardware

Interested to join the test team or sponsor this project?
- drop me an e-mail VL70m (at) 

Next steps
- improve & fix bugs based on input of testers
- create usage manual (not to confuse with a VL-sound design manual)

Extra info
- All parameter editing is done real-time. So you change the parameter , play and hear the difference.
- Several tooltips are included to explain the purpose of VL-parameters.
- The parameters and functional behaviour are all based on reverse engineering of the original VL-Expert Editor (this with approval of Yamaha).
- An extensive voice library of about 900 VL-voices will be included, these are voices found on the internet, extracted from the Yamaha VL Editors, converted from VL1m. These voices are included as a start basis and have not been improved with the VL-Wizard.
- Factory and Windlist voices can be send to the VL-Wizard using the standard VL70m-Current Voice Dumpout.
- The editor does function also with VL70m units that have been upgraded with the Windlist or Turbochip EPROM. 
- Multipart mode is not supported (yet). 
- Nothing is included, derived or copied from PatchMan. Editing of Turbochip voices is not possible.
- The VL-Wizard is not compatible with the VL1-m. Maybe this is a future improvement, if I can get hold of (and afford) a VL1m.

1- The Voice Tag editor and VL-Wizard menu window
- edit the Tag data, comments and image of the loaded VL-Voice
- menu buttons to go to the different editor modules
- CC controller feedback + Note information
- information on sysex data sent

2- The VL-Voice Browser
- Add, delete and search voices
- Rebuild the Voice Library
- Import .ALL libraries (.ALL .LIB  VL70m format)
- Select voice templates (similar as with the Visual Editor of Yamaha)
- Quick preview on voice information before loading the voice

3- The Instrument Editor
- Contains all advanced parameters to edit the each setting of the VL-Element voice 
- Entirely based on the reverse engineering of the original VL-Expert editor from Yamaha.
- Does change its labels and modelling behaviour (signal routing) based on the selected voice algorithm
- Full integration with the Key Scale editor

4- Advanced Key Scale - Break Point editor
- Fully integrated with the advanced Instrument editor. This means that you can change min/max levels in both windows
- multiple ways to edit the key scaling (graphical by moving the dots or sliders and also numeric)

5- Common Parameter Editor
- Edits all parameters that are not part of the VL-Element data. This is done to allow the possibility to enhance the VL-Wizard for multi-part editing.
- Important: System Parameters are not part of the loaded voice. 

6- Advanced Tuning Editor
- Individual tuning of the 128 Notes (using derivative and length mode). Either manually or automatic tuning
- Scale editing
- audio feedback + sensitive frequency analyser
- Pitch and Pipe Length editing
- The tuning buffer of the voice is updated real-time and can be restored in case of tuning errors.

7- Effects Editor
- Editing of all 4 effect blocks of the VL70m

- Visual overview of the two routing modes (insert vs system)

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